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Anne Regine Ellingsæter


Anne Regine Ellingsæter is a Norwegian actress.

In 2013 she contributed in the Norwegian movie Kiss Me You Fucking Moron. She is mostly known for her lead role in the NRK-series State of Happiness, season 1 and 2 in the role of Anna. 

In 2022 she will be participating in Den National Scene’s Lille Eyolf in Bergen.

Anne Regine won the award for best actor/actress at Gullruten for her part in State of Happiness in 2019.

Anne Regine Ellingsæter | CV

Institution Course Year
Nord Universitet Theatre production and acting 2019-2020
Forstudium Teater 2018-2019
Københavns Akademi Danseteater 2016
Borups Højskole 2015
Film or TV production
Production Production company Director Role Year
Lykkeland Maipo Film AS Petter Næss, Pål Jackman Anna 2017-2021
Kyss meg for faen i helvete Motlys Stian Kristiansen Frida 2013