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Aslak Maurstad

Actors, Scriptwriters/Directors

Aslak Maurstad is a Norwegian actor, scriptwriter and director. He studied theatre at Romerike Folkehøgskole and scriptwriting at Westerdals. 

He has contributed in a lot of films and TV-series such as Hvite Gutter, Lilyhammer, Beforeigners, The Kings Choice and Basic Bitch. 

In addition, Aslak has a broad experience in theatre, where he among other things was a part of starting the theatre group Antiteateret. He has acted on stage a lot himself and in 2019 he directed the worlds first live porn musical on Sentralen main stage. He also held a play inside GTA V Online: «Sibus Montanus», a rewriting of Erasmus Montanus. Aslak has written 32 different scene productions.

He has been a dubber and a voice actor for 24 years. Aslak has won four awards in total with plays he has written or directed, and movies he has contributed in. 

In 2014 he had his own radio program called «Sånn er det bare» on Radio Nova radio channel. Aslak is currently Twitch-partner and has his own channel where he livestreams twice a week.

Aslak Maurstad | CV