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Eline Grødal


Eline Grødal is an actress and comedian from Oslo, with a bachelor’s degree in acting from Westerdals Oslo A.C.T. with exchange at the Theater Academy in Munich.

She has since been seen on the theater stage and in various TV series. Eline also writes sketches / scripts, such as various comedy productions.

Eline has been noticed in central roles in the NRK series Match and Oslo Zoo, in addition to the role as Tuva in the award-winning TVNorge series Sigurd fåkke pult. The latter will release a new season in the autumn of 2021.

She is currently the role of Masha in Revizor on the main stage at Rogaland Theater.

Eline speaks several Norwegian dialects, and also masters Swedish, Danish and English.


Eline Grødal | CV

Film or TV Production (selection)
Production Production Company Director Role Year
Sigurd fåkke pult (sesong 1-4) Klynge Patrik Syversen, Øyvind Holtmon Tuva 2020 - 2022
Unfluencerne NRK underholdning Sondre Bilete 2020
Hvite Gutter Feelgood Eirik Skaufjord Hilde 2019
Besatt/Seizure Miso Film Rune Denstad Langlo, Eirik Svensson Karina Urdahl 2019
MATCH (sesong 1 og 2) Ape&Bjørn Liv Karin Dahlstrøm/ Martin Lund Mia 2018
En feit, død albino mann Westerdals Oslo A.C.T. Halvard Harboe Eva 2018
Boy Gets Eaten Den Norske Filmskole Sebastian Lagerkvist Maria 2018
Oslo Zoo NRK Drama Øyvind Holtmon Charlotte 2018
På Fylla NRK Øyvind Holtmon Silje 2017
Best før Seefood Production Line Fougner Kristina 2017
God natt, Oslo (kortfilm) Westerdals Oslo A.C.T. Rikke Gregersen Thale 2016
Fuglehjerter (kortfilm) Westerdals School of Communication Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel Veronica 2015
School of Success Seefood Ung Marit Støre Valeur Yolanda 2015
Theater (selection)
Production Production Company Director Role Year
Revizor Rogaland Teater Angelina Josephine Stojcevska Masha 2021
Natives Brageteatret Nils Petter Mørland A 2018-2020
Radio (selection)
Production Production Company Director Role Year
Revnen NRK Lyddrama Robert Næss Dina 2021
Teige Lydstudio NRK Radio Hanne Martine Cotton Breivik Komiker 2021
Natives Brageteatret Radioteater Nils Petter Mørland A 2020
Turister Rubicon for NRK Radioteatret Kenneth Karlstad Amanda 2019