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Kristine Hartgen


Kristine Hartgen is a Norwegian actress, educated at the Theater Academy in Oslo. She has extensive experience on the theater stage and has played the lead role as Peer in Peer Gynt, with award-winning Eline Arbo as director.

Kristine has appeared in feature films such as The 12th Man and has one of the main roles in The Battle for Narvik which comes in 2021. The same autumn she is also seen in the HBO series Beforeigners.

In addition, Kristine works with music and has appeared as a vocalist on several singles by electronics musician Burning God Little.

Kristine Hartgen | CV

School Course Year
Statens Teaterhøgskole BA Skuespillerfag 2014- 2017
Schous Kulturstasjon Forstudium Teater 2009-2010
Solbakken Folkehøgskole Skuespill/revy 2008-2009
Film or TV Production (selection)
Production Production Company Director Role Year
Beforeigners Rubicon Jens Lien Nessie Olsen 2021
Kampen om Narvik Nordisk Film Erik Skjoldbjærg Ingrid Tofte 2021
Den 12 mann Nordisk Film Harald Zwart Sykepleier 2017
Skår Petter Holmsen Karoline 2015