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Mathilde Storm


Mathilde Storm is a Norwegian actress.

Mathilde made her debut as an actress in Løvekvinnen and has since appeared in several Norwegian TV series and feature films such as Neste Sommer, En affære, Lillestad, in the NRK success series Rådebank and had the lead role in the short film Girl innocent which recently won the award for ‘Best actress’ at a film festival in Eastern Europe.

She has been an active voiceactress since she started dubbing in 2008, and also does assignments for audio books, games and audio-games.

Mathilde is currently setting up and playing in children’s theater.

Mathilde Storm | CV

Film or TV Production (selection)
Production Production Company Director Role Year
Neste Sommer Feelgood SFT Simen Alsvik Emilie 2021
Rådebank Fenomen tv film og scene AS Daniel Fahre Ine Larsen 2020-2021
Memor Elias Brekke Solberg Ella 2019
En affære FilmBros Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken Eline 2018
Løvekvinnen Filmkameratene AS Vibeke Idsøe Eva 2016