Foto: Paal Krokan Mathisen

Johannes Gjessing

Johannes made his debut as a sixteen year old in the role of Oskar in the thriller series Okkupert. After this he has contributed to the drama series Ragnarok and the comedy series Allerud VGS.

He has also been on stage with the Oslo based theater company Antiteateret in productions such as DJ Pedo and Fluer. Johannes was also one of the actors in Linn Skåber’s play Til Ungdommen with Mattis Herman Nyquist as director. 

In 2023 we can see Johannes in Royalteens 2, in addition to TV2's comedy series Krypto Kings.




Film and TV

Production Production companyDirectorRoleYear
Krypto KingsFeelgoodHallvar Witzø2023
Royalteen 2Karina FilmsIngvild Søderlind2023
Allerud VGSNRKFrans Graham GuttormsenNico2020
RagnarokSAM ProductionsMogens HagedornRasmus2020
OkkupertYellow BirdErik Skjoldbjærg, Erik Richter Strand, Pål Sletaune, Eva Sørhaug, John Andreas AndersenOskar2015


FluerAntiteatretEven TorganPhillip2022
Til UngdommenOslo Nye TeaterMattis Herman Nyquist2022
DJ PedoAntiteatretEven Torgan2021

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