Foto: Espen Solli

Scott Maurstad

Scott Maurstad is a voice actor and director, known for his career in text delivery, scripting, translation, as well as voice and singing instruction.

He has established himself as a course and lecturer, specializing in film acting technique and voice use. Maurstad has shown his talent both on stage and in front of the camera, and has also contributed as an audiobook reader, advertising voice and theater instructor.

Throughout his career as a voice actor, he has given voice to a number of characters in both cartoons and live-action films, for clients such as Disney, DreamWorks, Sony, Warner Bros, NRK, and Netflix. Among his most famous roles are Ronny in the Harry Potter series Twigson in "Twigson and the seamonster", Spiderman in "Ultimate Spiderman", and the role of "Tarzan" in the Tarzan films.

Furthermore, he has been the main voice in several commercial projects for brands such as Ford, Nintendo, Telenor, Coca Cola, and Byggmakker, on platforms such as TV, radio, and web


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