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Sarah Francesca Brænne

Actors, Manusforfattere/Regissør

Sarah Francesca Brænne is a Norwegian actress and script writer, educated from The Danish National School of Performing Arts and The National Academy of Arts, Oslo. She har participated in a lot of TV-series and movies in both Norway and Danmark, like Nach, The Rules for Everything, Besatt, Wisting and Ambassadøren. 

Sarah is connected to Det Norske Teatret, where she has performed many big roles. In 2022 we can watch her in Kristoffer Borgli’s film Syk Pike. Along with director Liv Barbosa Blad, Sarah is writing the movie «Mann, far, bror, venn». 

In 2017 she won the Amanda Award for Best Actress in Supporting Role because of her role in «The Rules for Everything».

Sarah Francesca Brænne | CV